This Is A Warning To All Staff Members

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This Is A Warning To All Staff Members

Post  Nick on Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:58 am

What I DON'T Want To See:
  • Question's Being asked while staff are around, and not being answered.

  • Inactivity periods of more than 5 minutes at a time (Just log out).

  • Staff flaming players for ANY reason.

  • Staff swearing and being unprofessional.

  • Muteing/Banning without LEGITIMATE reason.

  • Crude or Rude behavior In-Game/on the Forums.

  • Being active on only the Game OR Forums, I expect equal Activity on both (Excluding Server-Only and Forum-Only staff).

  • Staff giving out any items -Admin's and Owner's Cannot sell or buy ANY items- (<--- Obvious)

What I EXPECT To See:
  • Daily (or as close to daily as possible) Activity in-game and on forums.

  • Staff to use the forum Administrator and Moderator Log sections. (Please use only 1 thread and Update it as you go)

  • Helping players without being asked.

  • Taking initiative to Bug hunt or watch for rule breakers.

  • Quick response to player need.

  • Accurate and Fair judgement (If you are taking sides because of a friendship or some other factor, this will result in immediate termination of rights)

  • Watch for Flaming.

  • Help settle arguements.

  • Handling ALL Questions as I do not have the time to do so, being as I am the only server Developer.

This is the only warning I will be giving. I will be on the lookout for staff who are not living up to their responsibilities. If you are completely stripped of your powers, you do NOT have a chance to earn them back.
From this point on I will have a 0 tolerance policy for lazyness/unfillment of required duties.

The 3 Levels -Failure to Complete Required Duties-

Staff Queue -
Being Queued is not a complete loss of powers. You will be put on a watch list, and monitored carefully to decide if you are deserving of your staff position. If you are found to be not worthy, you will be demoted. Being demoted does not mean you do not have a chance to earn your position back. If you are demoted, put on Queue again, and demoted a 2nd time however, you will lose any possibility of recovering your Position.

Temporary Demotion -
This Level skips the Queue level and results in Immediate (But temporary) Demotion. The temporary demotion period may be anywhere between 48 Hours to 7 days. If after 7 days you have not shown you can fulfill your jobs requirements your demotion will become permanent.

Total loss of Power -
This Level is officially the Point of no Return. If you reach this level you will be Immediately and Permanently Demoted with no chance of recovering your Position. I will have no leaniency or favoritism on this matter. If you are on this level, you have absolutely no chance to become staff again, for any reason what so ever. No Exceptions.

I hope this thread has given you enough information to start doing your job CORRECTLY.
See you all In-game and around the forums.


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