Game Rules and penaltys

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Game Rules and penaltys

Post  EXTINCT LIFE on Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:22 am

1. No Abusive language
2. No distruptive behaviour
3. No Staff Impresstion
4. No flaming/bugging
5. No auto-botting/clicking
6. Respect all other players and staff
7. No abusing the staff or continuously asking questions (staff can be buisy)
8. Do not abuse the site or forums!
9. Do not advertise another server on this site
10. Do not spam the site or forums
11. please try your best to help others
12. if a member of staff asks you to come back at a further date please do (no Staff abuse)
13. No trading in game money for RSGP (4OWNERS)
14. Please respect staff and owners as they can be generally quite buisy
15. Do not Abuse your powers

[b]3 step warnings
1. member of staff will ask you to stop.
2. a member of staff will modaterate you and ask you to stop abusing the rules
3. a final waring from staff/owner in which you will have no further warnings just imidiate consaquences which are ^ as follows:
Mute/IP-Mute/Permanant-Mute/IP-Perm-Mute Ban/Temp-IP Ban/ Perm-Ban/ IP-Perm-Ban Demotion/stripped of powers & responsabilities along with your rights! (all rules apply to staff also!) (any questions please contact one of the owners (Nick/Kath - NICK/EXTINCT LIFE) or reply to this thread


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