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Mining Guide

Post  EXTINCT LIFE on Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:40 am


Mining requires patience and time as this is one of the slowest skills in-game as you will move from ore to ore then coal to much more!
You will begine on Tin & Copper ore (orite), then you will progress to Iron ore (level 15), around level 60 you want to start mining coal (level 45) which will then come faster than starting at level 45, around level 70 you want to start mining mithril ore (level 55) this ore is slower than coal but is worth alot more in price and worth for smithing! At level 80 you should move on to adamant ore (level 70) in which to gain better xp and money for your time, although never stopping mining coal from level 60 you should progress in mining it for better and faster xp while other ore's respawn.
Finally, level 95-99 mining runite ore! This ore is by far the slowest to mine (even at 99) but is the most valuable as it contributes to the making of rune armours + weapons!

Any other info post here, thanks!
Hope this helps!

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