Combat Training Guide

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Combat Training Guide

Post  EXTINCT LIFE on Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:40 am


Firstly when new to combat, your best bet would be to kill a level 2 npc in the northern building at 'home' as they are easy to kill and hit, you may choose to skill this process and move streight to the main training area of 'Rock Crabs'! These crabs are 'great to train on as they have a fair amount of HP (Hitpoints) and they are pretty weak so won't tend to hit you too much, and finally, they are very weak defencivly dispite their name!
Around 100-120 Combat you may wish to train on something better, this is where the Slayer skill comes in to action!
Before you know it, you'll be maxed in all combat skills as slayer will take much longer to train but consists of the killing of many npc's, this will help you attain better slayer tasks with a higher slayer level, you will be able to kill top beasts and attain better money and items!

Any other suggestions post under here, Thanks!

Hope this helps!

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