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The JAD Guide

Post  EXTINCT LIFE on Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:37 am

Bowing down = Magic
Jump & Stomping down = Range
Swipe with hand = Mele
You will attain around 1 second to change your prayer once the movement is showed (Don't complain of lagging, it's not the server it will be your computer!)

Jad is easyer to range and so the following suggestions to armour/weapons/invent are:
Armadyl/Black d'hide (tank)/Karil's Armours (bandos for mele - Ahrims/Virtus mage)
Chaotic/Rune C'bow/ Crystal Bow/ Chaotic staff/ Chaotic rapier or longsword/ GodSword (Ruby Bolt's (e)+!)
6 Saradomin brews - 10 Super Restore (some only need 1 prayer potion + 5 shark)

Good Luck!

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