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Post  EXTINCT LIFE on Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:07 pm

A Highscore option for all the players would be an advantage as people want to always be first, and in that sense they tend to do anything to be at the top! (donating/play more) This will attract alof of people to the server and expand on the community!

Secondly, the idea of a players diary would be good (adventurers log), as this can show the players recent rare drops and the bosses/quests/tasks they have beaten!
This will also cause people to compete against eachother to become the person with the best drops and best boss killing reputation.

Finally, adding to the highscores option.
The idea of a boss kills highscore which will show who has killed each boss more than anyone else such as for example. (Extinct life - Rank 1 - NEX - 2757 kills) along with all the other bosses from GWD, KBD, AoD, LHZ and TDS! all of the bosses and higher ranked bosses (including nex) will be added to a seperate section of the highscores but will still feed via the players highscore personal page.

Hope these inspire you to think of adding them and adding on to this Nick. Smile

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Re: Suggestions

Post  Nick on Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:39 am

Nice suggestions.
but still im working on the webclient.
So i wont work on anything till i completed that

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